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Cockney Cherokee Indians are pretty thin in the ground but one was found one in the shape of Jason Wing to play the part of LAERTES.

Traditionally a noble gentleman, in this production he becomes a brutal thug, more along the lines of Vinny Jones.  His way of gaining an audience with the King is to beat up and hold the female Horatio hostage.

A writer as well as an actor Jason has recently penned LAMPARDIO AND DEBORETTE, a modern-day wink at Romeo & Juiliet with a touch of Othello thrown in:
"A romance set amongst the sex, drugs and violence of South London".

There's a performed reading at The Tristan Bates Theatre on Tuesday January 9th 2007, at 730pm.

Tristan Bates Theatre, Actors Centre, 1A Tower St., London WC2H 9NP.
Entrance is free, with a subsidised bar.
Performance: 7.30pm.

Miss it at your peril. If you're not there Jason will be round your house to find out why. More details on

Jason's also currently playing an Eastend hit man in the feature film, RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER.

a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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