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Claire_BugdenWHO IS FODOR?
Alexander Fodor was born in Hackney Hospital, London to a Hungarian refugee of the Budapest revolution in 1956. At the age of 4 he moved to Enfield in North London, his father working in a factory (the MetalBox, Palmers Green).

Alexander attended Chace School in North Enfield, a school with the reputation as the worst school in the borough, but he still managed to achieve 13 'O' levels and 3 'A' levels. He was also performing internationally with the London Boy singers and involved with the Air Training Corps, where he not only won Cadet of the Year but won the Corps highest award, a flying scholarship (he had a private pilot's license before he had a car license at the age of 17), as well as being presented with a Gold Duke of Edinburgh's award at Buckingham Palace.

Despite also winning two Arts Awards, the Enfield Arts Society Best New Talent and the Hertfordshire Life Scale Award, Alexander's parents were keen for him to have nothing to do with the arts and he ended up studying Aeronautical Engineering at City University. After this he still couldn't get a job and so did what he wanted to do in the first place and moved towards the Arts graduating from the Royal College of Art and also attaining a Masters Degree in Philosophy at Cambridge.

In a career in entertainment media spanning over 20 years he's been involved in Theatre, TV, and Film, with two moving media awards: T42 (Triangle Trophy, best film short) and Hotel (Sterling Award for cinematography) He's a passionate Cinematographer with a strong eye for lighting, plus a dynamic fast editor (having worked for Al Jazeera TV), really all stemming from an organizational ability and precise planning. He's always very keen to stick to budgets and work out how even tight budgets can be achieved.

In brief; he's been involved on three features Hamlet, Draining Lizards and The Care of Time, with Hamlet being his feature directorial debut, and has about 20 film shorts that he's directed. He's written four features and numerous shorts.

He's very used to public speaking and has been invited and spoken at a number of festivals in his enthusiastic but down-to-earth in manner, post screening Q & A sessions rarely last less than an hour.


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