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Director of Photography

Naples is not the same now that it has lost its Golden Child. No longer is there singing in the streets and the sunsets are somehow a little less romantic. However the smog and the verbal abuse of the drivers are just the same.

Diego's been working as DP for a number of Zed Resistor productions for a few years now, principally because he's very good at being shouted at, but also because of the photographic imagery which he brings to the screen - the result of a good few years clicking a stills camera.

He's also got a few other talents: He's been in on the editing, and you'll notice him juggling in the opening party scene. The birds go for him because he's slim, sweet and carries a cucumber in his underpants though.


We met Joe in the street. He was just sitting with an empty beer glass and a discrete sign saying "Fill Me", outside a pub in Bromley, Kent.

Aside form a fondness for writing massive orchestral music scores for films (click here have a quick listen to his "Polonia Aria") he also seems to know eveything about everything and was one of the bods who wrote e-magic's Logic (for all you anoraks out there). When he gets locked into conversation with Richard Kondal (HAMLET's sound designer) or Livingstone Brown (Music Syncronisation) computer gobble de gook abounds - personally I think it's all made up and they just don't want to talk to the rest of us.

Golden rule: Don't try to out drink Joe.

a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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