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Shoot Photographer

Francesca's parents first bought her a camera when she was four years old growing up in downtown Milan and her photography still hasn't improved.

True, nowadays she almost always manages to point it the right way, but many are accidental shots of her own nasal passages (for which she is most known). This one's a little better, but she still can't get used to the idea that the round bit should point at the subject (despite a large red sign stuck on the front saying "point this way").

Aside from that, being an Italian woman, she enjoys shouting at men, making vulgar signs, and telling everyone she's married. She knows how to say "sod off garlic breath" in fourteen different languages.

Production Assistant

Nina is from a very old African tribe that is now based in Enfield, North London. If you go up there on a Summer's night you'll find them all sitting around a camp fire holding seances to converse with the spirit world.

Of course nowadays this is done the modern way with mobile phones, and Nina is a master at this, having represented the United Enfield tribes on the mobile phone during the last Olympics.

In fact, she has had her mobile phone surgically grafted to her ear as this photo shows and converses no other way - she's seen here talking to the director in the foreground, no doubt discussing important international matters such as what sandwiches to buy for lunch.

a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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