Chapter 2 - Polonia Plots

Polonia has an idea, Hamlet’s been acting odd and she sees it as a way to force a marriage between her little sister Ophelia and the prince – which suits her political aims nicely. To aid this along she seduces Claudius (which doesn’t go down too well with his wife Gertrude).

Unfortunately though her scheme to prove that Hamlet is literally nuts for Ophelia doesn’t work as they find out whilst spying on them through a one way mirror.

Hamlet meantime has ideas of his own, “maybe The Ghost isn’t really his father, maybe Claudius is innocent? How about getting some actors to re-do the murder of his father and see whether Claudius bats an eyelid?” Why not indeed? A regular soap opera.

What they all don’t realise is the ghost is merrily leading them all where he wants them to go.

Polonia (Lydia Piechowiak) enjoying a good plot
Hamlet (Wilson Belchambers) contemplating plots of his own
a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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