Chapter 3 - An Evening to Remember

Claudius bats rather more than an eyelid when Hamlet unleashes his rather macabre film of the murder of his father on him (look out for interesting things to do with a screwdriver and a mallet!).

Claudius nigh on has a nervous breakdown and when The Ghost appears to him it is all too much. He’s now total putty in Polonia’s paws. Unfortunately for her this doesn’t last long…

Whilst hiding behind another mirror to watch Hamlet and his mother Gertrude she sees the results of The Ghosts machinations that have whipped Hamlet into a killing frenzy. The Ghost even implies to Hamlet that Claudius is behind the one way mirror. Polonia is then shot in the throat, this does more than wreck her promising opera career – it kills her.

Ophelia later discovers the death of her sister when she finds her hanging up like a piece of meat. Her reaction? Shock?  Horror? Loss? No, she’s pissed off – where is she going to get her drugs now?

The Tragedian Queen (Antonia Schnauber) putting on a show that doesn't go down too well
Ophelia (Tallulah Sheffield) less than amused by the evening's turn of events
a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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