Chapter 4 - Laertes Returns

Somewhat miffed at his sister Polonia’s death Laertes returns. A perfect gentleman to the last he decides to beat up Hamlets best friend Horatio in order to gain an audience with Claudius.

Really though, he needn’t have bothered, Claudius is more than happy to suggest a scheme to get shot of his nephew and now he has a brutal ally – and one easily led – (which seems to be a family trait as Ophelia is easily led to her death by The Ghost).

Ironic really, if he spent less time trying to plot then maybe he could have saved Ophelia. All he can see though is that now he’s got two dead bodies instead of one and his attitude towards this is made clear when Hamlet turns up at Ophelia’s midnight funeral.

Following this the scheme is set, a poisonous blade during a seemingly innocent fencing match. Claudius wants to make the outcome solid by arranging a poisonous drink as well. Better safe than sorry should perhaps be his motto.

Laertes (Jason Wing) "somewhat miffed"
Ghost & Ophelia
Ophelia meets the Ghost for the first... and the last... time.
a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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