Chapter 5 - An Afternoon of Death

Hamlet is lured to the fencing match by salesman supreme Osrick. Dark undertones are detected by Horatio but the more juvenile Hamlet ignores them.

The main problem with the poisonous blade scam though is that it relies on Laertes nicking Hamlet and as the sword play develops it becomes obvious that this is something he cannot do.

  Gertrude & Claudius
Gertrude & Claudius (Di Sherlock & Alan Hanson)
"till death do us part"

No matter, when all else fails resort to brute violence and Hamlet is then nicked when he defends himself with his hands having lost his sword. The violence backfires though and Hamlet stabs Laertes with the poisoned blade.


Claudius begins to regret his clumsy effort at murder when Getrude drinks from the poisoned cup and dies. Then the dying Laertes spills the beans on the whole affair and Hamlet really goes into madness and kills Claudius.

This is only a final act though and as Hamlet succumbs to the poison the unuttered romance between him and Horatio is finally requited with a kiss. The Ghost looms over Horatio…

Game set and match to The Ghost

a feature film by alexander fodor
a zed resistor company production




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